Davidson Fellows - 2013 Fellow Michael Janner


Michael Janner

$10,000 Scholarship Recipient

Age: 17
Redlands, CA
Category: Science
Project Title: “Magnetic Manipulation of Nanoscale Mirrors and Photonic Crystals”______ _______ ________ ____ _______


Michael’s portfolio focused on the fabrication and manipulation of two different types of nanostructures which can manipulate light: nano-mirrors and photonic crystals. At the beginning of his project, silver and gold nano-mirrors were surrounded by a ferrofluid so that their orientation could be controlled using magnetic fields, allowing them to be turned on and off. Michael then assembled magnetically responsive building blocks into periodic arrangements which could selectively diffract wavelengths of light in specific directions. These photonic crystals had a response which could be tuned across the entire visible spectrum and could act in one, two, or three dimensions depending on the complexity of the arrangement. The photonic effects could be quickly and easily controlled using magnetic fields and the resulting structures could be retained by a unique sol-gel process.

The nano-mirrors and photonic crystals presented in Michael’s portfolio have the potential to be implemented in a wide variety of applications. For example, the responsive nano-mirrors have potential to be used in magnetically deformable liquid mirrors for astronomical telescopes or in adaptive optics systems that correct wavefront distortions. The photonic crystals could find a role in everyday life as the basis for flexible computer and television displays or in color-changing clothing. Additionally, the photonic crystals could have applications in military camouflage and anticounterfeiting technologies.

Michael is a rising senior at Redlands East Valley High School.  He plans to major in chemistry in college.  Michael won the 2013 Intel International Engineering and Science Fair first place in Materials and the CalTech Bioengineering Innovation Exploration Award.  He won first place in the California State Science Fair in Chemistry.  Michael is the captain of a Relay for Life team.

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