Davidson Fellows - 2013 Fellow Thabit Pulak


Thabit Pulak

$25,000 Scholarship Recipient

Age: 17
Richardson, TX
Category: Science
Project Title: “Home-based Arsenic Bio-sane Water Filter and Rapid Arsenic Water Test using Nanotechnology”______ _______ ________ ____ _______


Thabit’s project is to develop an affordable arsenic water filter and arsenic water test, using materials found in a typical third-world villager’s home. Currently, arsenic water poisoning is widely prevalent in many third-world countries like Bangladesh, but existing filters and testing solutions are too expensive. This arsenic water filter is more than five times less costly than existing filters, and the water test is more than 1,000 times cheaper and 40 times faster to conduct. Above all, the methodology used behind the filtration and detection is all non-licensed, so anyone can be free to use it and modify it without fear of any “patent infringement.” Thabit believes that for a product to be truly humanitarian, every part of the project must be open-sourced.

Thabit’s work should ultimately bring the cost of arsenic water filters and arsenic water tests to an affordable level in third-world countries affected by arsenic-contaminated water groundwater. People will be able to afford these filtration units, and finally drink arsenic-free water. The quality of life for these people will drastically increase, as this will effectively eradicate arsenic-induced diseases like arsenicosis, which ends up in a bodily invasive cancer.

Thabit is a rising high school senior and plans to major in biomedical engineering in college. He hopes to attend medical school and pursue an M.D./Ph.D., as he wants to become a physician directly offering services to help people, while also pursuing research to constantly work on improving existing solutions in medicine. Thabit ranked second and third place at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2012 and 2013, and won first place twice in 2012 and 2013 at the International Environmental Olympiad (ISWEEEP) has also participated in the International Environmental Sustainability Olympiad.  Thabit founded an organization called “iKormi,” with the intent to help underprivileged people in Bangladesh through education, data-entry jobs and arsenic remediation.

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