Davidson Fellows - 2013 Fellow Vavilala Vaibhav


Vaibhav Vavilala

$10,000 Scholarship Recipient

Age: 18
Indianapolis, IN
Category: Science
Project Title: “Neural Networks: Raising the Storage Capacity”______ _______ ________ ____ _______


Vaibhav studied neural networks – theoretical models of the brain – using computer simulations. Motivated by biological accuracy, he identified one attribute of biological neurons that neural networks traditionally do not describe and examined the effects of introducing the new property. His newly implemented model showed an increased memory capacity and may help advance applications in pattern recognition and modeling brain function. 

Neural networks have wide-ranging applications – from modeling brain function to artificial intelligence. In his research, Vaibhav concentrated on improving the biological accuracy of neural networks. Models for the memory capacity of neural networks are based on a synaptic weight matrix which encodes the influence of all other neurons, but not the influence of the present state of a neuron itself. In biological neurons, however, the present-state influence is not absent.

Vaibhav is a freshman at Columbia University planning on studying computer science. He has been named a National Merit Finalist, a National AP Scholar, an Intel STS Semifinalist, a Siemens Regional Finalist, an Intel ISEF Finalist, a three-time AIME qualifier, a Congressional Award Gold Medalist and a United Way Outstanding Service Award recipient. Vaibhav also enjoys tennis, basketball, and piano.

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