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Acceleration - an Option to Consider

This article, from the Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children,
focues on the fact that "Acceleration is more than just grade skipping.". ... - 20k - 2010-01-14

Simon's Rock College of Bard Acceleration to Excellence Program ...

... org/db/Resources_id_12297.aspx"> Simon's Rock College of Bard</a> tailors to ambitious
high school-age students, and the Acceleration to Excellence Program (AEP ... - 23k - 2010-04-15

A Look Back at Educational Non-Acceleration: An International ...

... The author stresses the importance of educational acceleration as one of the prime
methods for helping brilliant youths toward maximal intellectual achievement ... - 101k - 2009-03-03

Radical Acceleration in Australia: Terence Tao

... Radical Acceleration in Australia: Terence Tao. Printer Friendly Version. Print.
Gross, M. Gifted Child Today Prufrock Press July/August ... - 101k - 2009-03-13

Acceleration: Strategies and Benefits

... Resource: Acceleration: Strategies and Benefits. Print. Website: Acceleration:
Strategies and Benefits. Author: Pyryt, M. Organization ... - 21k - 2009-10-20

Acceleration: Valuable high school to college options

This article by Nancy Robinson and Kathleen Noble provides some practical part-time
acceleration options, as well as full-time acceleration options, and ... - 71k - 2009-03-03

Growing Up Gifted: Developing the Potential of Children at Home ...

... This article offers a brief review of Barbara Clark's <i>Growing Up Gifted</i>.
Clark provides an overview of the research on acceleration (or grade skipping ... - 30k - 2010-06-25

Types of acceleration and their effectiveness

Taken from a series of GERRIC presentation modules, this article explains types
of acceleration, disproves negative notions on acceleration, and provides ... - 50k - 2009-03-09

Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration (IRPA)

The Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration (IRPA) was established in
2006 at The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted ... - 19k - 2010-11-18

Acceleration: Is moving ahead the right step?

This article addresses the question of why acceleration is a good idea. ... Resource:
Acceleration: Is moving ahead the right step? Print. ... - 20k - 2010-02-24

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