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The Davidson Gifted Database is your gateway to a wealth of information about the gifted population. This database houses thousands of resources and hundreds of articles for gifted students, as well as their parents and educators. This page is a monthly summary of new additions to the database:
12 Tips for Making and Keeping Friends
Judy Galbraith and Jim Delisle provide a number of tips on making and keeping friends in this excerpt from The Gifted Teen Survival Guide

List of Scholarships for Younger Students
This state-specific list of scholarships is geared toward younger gifted students.

Parenting the Creatively Gifted Child
This article provides a number of ways that parents can help their creative gifted students be comfortable in their own skins.

Tips for Parents: Gift Ideas for Eager Young Minds
This recently updated article provides suggestions of books, magazines, toys and games appropriate for gifted young people compiled from families in our Davidson Young Scholars program.

Block N Roll
This is an award winning educational toy construction block system that's fun and educational for kids.

Bridges Academy (Los Angeles, CA)
The mission of this school is to educate twice-exceptional (2e) students. It offers two programs: the Phoenix Program for students ages 9-11, and the 7th-12th grade post-secondary preparatory program.

Celebrating High Potential
CHP welcomes children, teens, and adults who are gifted or twice-exceptional and are seeking advice, support and resources, in order to understand and celebrate who they are, develop their talents, and enhance their experiences at home, school or homeschool, and in the community.

The International Gifted Consortium (IGC) and Research Center for the Highly/Profoundly Gifted (Scottsdale, AZ)
IGC is the philanthropic coming together of leaders from across the globe, who possess an empathetic understanding of giftedness in its most acute, highly developed stage

Thinxygen provides gifted young thinkers with a range of learning materials (print books, digital editions and interactive guides) that cover challenging, exciting subjects often not taught at a school level

University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Architecture: Summer at Penn - Julian Krinsky Summer Program (Philadelphia, PA)
This program is based on the approach in Penn’s Undergraduate Architecture program. Students are encouraged to develop a unique creative process as they learn specific architectural design skills. Working with Penn faculty, students will experiment with different techniques and design tools.

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