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The Davidson Gifted Database is your gateway to a wealth of information about the gifted population. This database houses thousands of resources and hundreds of articles for gifted students, as well as their parents and educators. This page is a monthly summary of new additions to the database:
A Story of Academic Acceleration and Success
This article describes one student's successful experiences with acceleration.

Tips for Parents: Talking about Terrorism
This article provides advice on how to discuss terrorism with gifted students.

Writing Transcripts - excerpt from Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling
This excerpt from Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling, by Wes Beach, takes a look at a number of examples of high school transcripts

Breaking Through: Helping Girls Succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
In this book, topics ranging from how role models can make a difference to finding non-stereotypical toys and taking trips that inspire STEM discovery and engagement are illustrated with research evidence and real-life examples from girls and women.

Chesapeake Math Program
This program offers math and science clubs, classes, and contest opportunities to students in Maryland, D.C., and northern Virginia. They sponsor teams for many programs, both national and local, at the high school, middle school, and elementary school levels, and we offer scholarships or small grants in math and the sciences.

Not Now Maybe Later: Helping Children Overcome Procrastination
This book is written for parents and teachers as a guide to understanding procrastination, primarily in children, and to provide tips for helping children develop skills to improve their productivity

Renzulli Creativity Programs: Pathways to Excellence in Innovation
The major goal of this program, designed for students aged 13 to 17, is to teach participants advanced learning skills and how to apply them in creative and investigative ways. The program is designed to promote enthusiasm, a passion for learning, and high levels of engagement in students’ selected areas of interest.

The Gow School (South Wales, NY)
This is a college-prep boarding and day school for students, grades 7-12, with dyslexia and similar language-based learning disabilities.

The Thinking Teacher: A Framework for Intentional Teaching in the Early Childhood Classroom
This essential professional development resource provides advice for early childhood teachers who are navigating demands and changes in their careers, helping them see these challenges as growth opportunities. 

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