The Overbooked Child: Are We Pushing Our Kids Too Hard?
Elkins, D.
Psychology Today

More and more children, like adults, are involved in far too many activities. In this article on's website, David Elkins cautions against over-scheduling your child.

The perfect picture of a balanced childhood, one in which our kids go to school, do a little homework and play fort, is a myth for many youngsters. More and more children, like adults, are involved in far too many activities.

Nine-year-old Kevin was anxious, having trouble sleeping and complaining that he was tired all the time. A medical exam revealed no physical problems, so the pediatrician suggested his mother talk to a psychologist. When we met, I asked about Kevin's schedule. His mother told me that, in addition to school, he was involved in three team sports, church activities, scouts and had piano lessons twice a week. Finding nothing else to explain the child's symptoms, I suggested his stressful schedule might be the cause.

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