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OnEartHeart is an organization dedicated to saving the environment and encouraging world peace. The organization was founded by children, its members are children, and it is managed by children. Its purpose is to help children help other children. Certain aspects of OnEartHeart help break down walls of prejudice and bias, so that kids can grow closer to one another and learn about each other’s cultures. Other aspects get children interested in science and saving the environment. Kimani is currently seeking members for OnEarthHeart, and you can visit his website at

Kimani recently travelled to Brazil where he distributed “happy packs” filled with art supplies (donated by children in and around New York City) to children in the Vo Flor orphanage. With over 300 lbs of art supplies donated to date, the happy pack program is a great success! Future trips back to Brazil are currently being planned. Kimani’s newest venture is called “Happy packs of books” for children in long term care hospital units. Kimani is collecting donations of books to be distributed to these children. Please visit the OnEartHeart website above for more information about how you can get involved.

Kimani was also featured in the "In the Spotlight" section of the August 2010 edition of the Davidson Institute's eNews-Update.

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