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Description: The purpose of the poetry contest is to bring recognition to poets both young and old. In addition to the winning poems, other poems of high merit are accepted to be published in a hard bound anthology. There is no entry fee and no required purchase in order to become published.

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 4/9/2010
Just to let you know, I really appreciate you having a poetry contest because there aren’t many anymore. ;-(

Contributed by: Educator on 5/7/2009
To the student who wrote the comment I thank you for your response. Having been the editor at Creative Communication for 15 years, I can strongly tell the readers of this comment that overall we accept about 45% of the students who enter the contest. To be accepted you must be a competent writer. This doesn't mean that every entry is of professional quality. These are student writers. What it does mean is that every entry accepted is better than the 55% who were not invited to be published. If I can every clarify other questions then please contact me. Thank you. Tom Worthen, Ph.D., Editor, Creative Communication,, 435-713-4411

Contributed by: Student on 6/13/2008
From my experience, this poetry contest accepts essentially every poem it receives, regardless of merit. The intent of this poetry contest is good--it makes everyone feel good about their writing, being accepted to a big contest like that and being published! However, for young poets serious about writing, in my opinion it is little more than a morale booster.

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