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Description: The Peabody School's mission is to serve the needs of academically advanced children in one or more areas of all backgrounds by promoting cognitive, social and emotional development for each child at a rate commensurate with his or her ability, while providing a foundation for students to become life-long learners. Serving Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade students, the Peabody School provides hands-on, differentiated learning experiences; wide-ranging and rigorous curriculum; and a nurturing, positive learning environment to meet individual needs. The Peabody School offers classes in world languages, visual arts, performing arts, physical education, and service learning in addition to the traditional core curriculum.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 1/24/2008
The negative comments that appear below bear little resemblance to the Peabody that my children attend. The school does in fact offer very significant subject acceleration to students and highly differentiates the lessons/work in subjects. The teachers have been very helpful and professional. My children really love the school. Is it perfect - no - there are things that could be singled out. But, some of the comments here are simply wrong.

Contributed by: Parent on 9/26/2007
Peabody School has fallen away from its original commitment to teach gifted children. The classes are moderately paced.

Contributed by: Parent on 3/4/2007
My son was admitted to Peabody elementary with a weaker background than many in his class. He was immediately placed in the "lowest learning group" and his self-esteem took a beating under the censorious eyes of his classmates. His education was further disrupted when his teacher was fired/left in midsemester. We got him to a more congenial environment the following year, and he is now a high-performing middle schooler. He recently asked me why I had "made" him go to Peabody, and I regret that he did.

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