Resource: Quest Academy (Palatine, IL)
Website: Quest Academy (Palatine, IL)
Description: Quest Academy is an Independent School educating and nurturing gifted students in grades PreK-8. The school offers a liberal arts curriculum that challenges and inspires gifted children along with character education and service learning. Small classes are designed to allow for teachers to meet the individual needs of students through differentiation and individualized learning plans. All classrooms use state of the art SmartBoard technology.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 4/6/2013
My daughters, currently 9 and 11 (3rd and 5th grade) have attended Quest since Kindergarten and Pre-K, respectively. This school has been an island paradise in a sea of misunderstanding and misinformation about the needs of gifted students. Illinois' track record in gifted education is abysmal and appalling. I am grateful every day that my daughters can attend a school that sees them as individuals and will customize their curriculum according to the needs of the child. They recognize that not every gifted child is gifted in every area and accommodate each child to ensure the best all-around education possible. My daughters receive a well-rounded education in arts and sciences and Quest is continually seeking new ways to incorporate technology (culminating in the deployment next year of an Innovation Lab complete with 3D printer) and the latest in academic research into the experience of each Quest student. There is a large focus on character education as well as academic accomplishment. The twelve Quest character traits are studied and applied daily. It's easy to forget that gifted students are also children and need context to understand their place in the world. Quest's focus on character and service learning helps them understand that. I know I sound like an advertisement, but I wholly believe in Quest and am a proud advocate of this school to any parent of a gifted and talented child. I would never want my daughters to be anywhere else.

Contributed by: Parent on 5/13/2011
Do you expect gifted child to be gifted in all subject areas? I am not sure. In our experience Quest emphasizes secondary subjects. For example, students spend time singing and performing in middle school when I would prefer they get more preparation in technology, because they will need this in high school.

Contributed by: Student on 10/15/2008
I have gone to Quest since 3rd grade, and I'm now in sixth grade, and I think it is THE BEST! We have great Outdoor Ed and grade trips, and I get along with almost everyone there. The teachers are really nice too, but we sometimes have a little too much homework. Go Quest!

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