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Website: Roeper School (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Description: The Roeper School is a private coeducational day school for gifted students in the Detroit, Michigan area. The school is comprised of three divisions. The Lower School is located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and works with students ages 3 - 11. The Middle School, grades 6 - 8, and Upper School, grades 9 - 12, are located in Birmingham, Michigan. All three divisions provide a curriculum to challenge gifted students, and the Upper School offers Advanced Placement courses. Students are also offered extracurricular activities ranging from fine arts activities to athletic teams. Admission details and contact information are outlined on the web site.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 1/9/2011
I went to Roeper for four years in the early '80s. Those four years were the best part of my formal education. They treated giftedness in a holistic manner and the curriculum didn't simply throw harder and more work at you - it provided a richer, deeper understanding of the world and our place in it. The critical thinking skills, empathy, and joy of learning that I gained there have become my greatest joys as an adult. The goal of Roeper is not to get everybody into Harvard (although many Roeperians are accepted there!) Rather, it is to realize the full potential and happiness of every child regardless of whether that end is conventionally impressive or prestigious.

Contributed by: Student on 2/25/2009
I transferred to Roeper from a public school at the beginning of my 10th grade year. By far, this was the best decision of my life. The academics are amazing, the teachers and faculty are among the most qualified and dedicated that I have ever heard of, and the other students are incredibly caring. I LOVE it here!!!

Contributed by: Student on 1/21/2009
I attended Roeper for twelve years, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Not only was I stimulated intellectually, I grew up surrounded by incredible people. This is the absolute best school for any gifted child who can handle the level of freedom offered.

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