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Website: Sage School (Foxboro, MA)
Description: The Sage School is a private coeducational day school for ages 4 - 14, located in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The school is set in three divisions: Primes (ages 4 - 7), Juniors (ages 7 - 10), and Seniors (ages 10 - 14). Students are grouped by instructional level, not by chronological age, and their progression through the curriculum is determined by mastery of skills. Each student has an individual learning path that allows them to learn at a pace and depth matching their abilities. The school provides a complete curriculum as well as extracurricular clubs and programs for students to participate in. Details regarding Curriculum, Tuition, and the Admission process are available on the web site.

Comments: Contributed by: Other on 3/2/2015
As the previous reviewer said, the Sage School "gifted" program is no longer there. It finished morphing into a stronger than average “bright-kids” program that is not too different from a strong public school's accelerated program.

Contributed by: Parent on 6/12/2013
The school seems to be morphing towards focusing on "bright" children rather than gifted students. In my opinion, science is somewhat underwhelming in all three divisions, with math teachers tackling the subject and often focusing on written reports rather than scientific learning. The focus on humanities is pervasive. I feel that if your child does not easily fit within the mold, then the school seems to lack resources or ideas of how to help. The teachers are, by and large, well prepared but the curriculum has many disconnects from grade to grade. In our experience the school is not 1 to 2 grades ahead of other public schools when it comes to all areas. As time went on the small size of the school and the underemphasis on STEM led us to decide to go elsewhere where our child can be exposed to such concepts on a daily basis from highly qualified teachers in the topics.

Contributed by: Parent on 4/8/2013
I have had 2 children go through each division and it has changed their lives! The faculty are so engaged, caring and creative and the program is bar none! If you have a curious and bright child you need to check it out.

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