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Website: Pine View School (Osprey, FL)
Description: The curriculum at Pine View is college preparatory with emphasis on thinking and problem solving skills. All courses incorporate the important skills of creative expression, critical thinking, research methods, self-awareness, and oral and written communications. The curriculum is differentiated in that it offers students experiences, materials, and information beyond what is offered in the regular curriculum. Students are provided opportunities for interaction with each other, for researching areas of interest and for project development.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 8/22/2008
To the person who has a twice exceptional child at Pine View. My son is profoundly gifted, loves to learn, loves people, is social -- and the school is not serving him well because it is neither recognizing his need for more stimulation, nor his real difficulties with organization and holding on to things (though he does not have ADD, he does have a disability, as diagnosed by therapists and psychiatrists). If I did not need to work I would homeschool him. If he were not quite as bright, I would send him to another local school.

Contributed by: Parent on 4/7/2008
I have a son who is 'twice exceptional". He has a very high IQ and is inattentive (ADHD - no hyperactivity or impulsiveness). Always the quiet kind kid but disorganized and slow in completing his work. IS there a parent or student from Pineview who shares these traits. I'd love to hear your experiences.

Contributed by: Parent on 8/21/2007
My son was accepted to Pine View last year, as an incoming 3rd grader. He refused to go. This year, he took the leap with his best friend in tow. Thankfully! Or, so we thought. It's still so early in the year and I am far from the best judge of the school as a whole, but I do NEED to point out a few things to other parents who will face what we have faced so far. 1) Elementary kids are scheduled just as a middle school student; they circulate from class to class without supervision. 2) Elementary and high school kids DO intermingle. There is some sense of bullying, teasing, etc. Don't disregard this reference. My child has always been popular and now feels social pressure that was never expected! 3) No. There isn't a great deal of emotional support, even though gifted kids ARE SPECIAL NEEDS and REQUIRE a great deal of support to foster growth.

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