Resource: Hunter College Elementary School (New York, NY)
Website: Hunter College Elementary School (New York, NY)
Description: Located on 94th Street between Park and Madison Avenues, Hunter College Campus Schools offer an elementary school for children from kindergarten to sixth grade and a high school from seventh to twelfh grade. The school is publicly funded and committed to serving a gifted student body. Students are taught to think critically and creatively. The curriculum emphasizes mastery of the arts and sciences. During the fourth through sixth grades teachers provide opportunities for students to explore topics in-depth. In addition to the material taught by homeroom teachers, children study areas known as "specials", which are taught by a specialist in the fields of foreign language, music, cultural arts, mathematics and others. Each year, 48 students are enrolled in the kindergarten program.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 2/2/2012
For the last three years, the number of students applied has been around 2,000. From there only 50 students are selected. I believe the cutoff for the first round of applicants should be higher in terms of their IQ score, but all in all it is a great school.

Contributed by: Parent on 8/17/2008
I agree with the parent who commented about Hunter College Elementary. Ommission of youth from other boroughs is unfair also. This parent can have child tested for NYC Gifted/Talented & then approach ACS/Bd of Ed, request voucher for private ed. on grounds of lack of public school ed. resources. This voucher can pay for private ed.

Contributed by: Parent on 4/26/2004
Children are assessed at age 4, so be careful how you select the person who assesses your child. Hunter will not let you challenge the assessement. The person who assessed our son ranked him in the 87% and he was rejected. Now in third grade, he has been identified as highly gifted (150 IQ) and the public schools can't meet his needs.

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