Resource: Seattle Country Day School (Seattle, WA)
Website: Seattle Country Day School (Seattle, WA)
Description: Seattle Country Day School is a private coeducational day school for grades K-8, located in Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to provide an extraordinary educational experience for children of high intellectual and creative promise.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 10/16/2009
My two children attend SCDS and have been very well served by this program. Both of them demonstrated a clear need for "something more" at a very young age, and this school has not disappointed any of us! Not only do kids get a fabulous peer group of like-minded thinkers, they get a nurturing, supportive environment where they are challenged to take risks. Like many gifted children, my older child has a low tolerance for frustration, but he has shown steady improvement each year in his ability to meet challenges with hard work, rather than avoiding them or giving up too soon. As a parent, I see this as the main benefit of this school -- by offering children a program that truly meets their capabilities, SCDS allows gifted kids to gain self-esteem based on hard work and real accomplishment, rather than counting on intellect alone to get them through life.

Contributed by: Parent on 9/26/2008
We have been loving this school for our daughter. The philosophy of the school is to foster independence and creativity within a structured environment. The children learn all the vital skills, at their own (admittedly fast) pace, but also have an opportunity to be creative, to think independently. The school supports the children in developing independence, discipline, and self-motivation. My child often says that she "doesn't want to be like anyone else" and that her goal in life is to "discover something new." This school satisfies her.

Contributed by: Student on 3/15/2007
This message is in response to a comment previously posted by a "parent" of the school. I am very closely related to Seattle Country Day School, and the reason there is no gifted program available is because the entirety of the school is highly intellectually capable and all classes offered are academically strenuous. Furthermore, children are only accepted with test scores in the top two percentile. These children go on to rigorous and challenging high schools and prestigious colleges. In conclusion, there is no “gifted program” offered because the every student granted admission is intellectually advanced and gifted, and all classes offered are advanced academically, and would be considered at a typical school part of a gifted or advanced placement program. The children that attend the school are highly developed intellectual thinkers and the school is the reason the alumni of Seattle Country Day School go on to be some of the most successful career holders of America. P.S. This was written by two students attending Seattle Country Day School.

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