Resource: Sycamore School (Indianapolis, IN)
Website: Sycamore School (Indianapolis, IN)
Description: Sycamore School provides a full-time educational program to meet the needs of academically gifted students. The faculty sets criteria for evaluating students' academic progress, and it promotes and expects the development of personal responsibility, task commitment, self-discipline, independent learning, and respectful conduct. High standards of behavior and performance, as well as high aptitude, are expected.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 10/3/2008
Sycamore School has been a blessing for my child! He has discovered that it is fun to learn in a challenging environment. All the extra curricular activities have allowed him to explore new ideas. We love Sycamore!

Contributed by: Parent on 7/20/2007
I couldn't disagree more with the parent who felt that Sycamore was purely academic. In addition to being gifted, my son is an extremely sensitive child. At Sycamore he found devoted teachers ready to help him handle his emotions just as readily as they were to help him learn academic subjects. Children at Sycamore are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential in every respect.

Contributed by: Parent on 12/16/2004
Sycamore is a great concept for differentiated learning for gifted kids. Unfortunately, the hierarchy of administration is very disappointing. Parents would love to be involved because parents started the school but administration keeps it at a polite minimum and in fact is offended when any criticism is made whatsoever. Kids leave Sycamore very well prepared academically for high school but have very negative feelings about it by the time they finish 8th grade. I feel this is mainly due to the 'expected' expectations and little acknowledgment of everyday successes. The teaching staff also varies from outstanding to very poor and is inconsistent. There are even classrooms where aids teach full time when liscenced teachers are absent or off on leave for extended periods of time. The entire focus is academic. Physical, emotional, social, and spiritual developement is overlooked.

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