Resource: The Rivers School Conservatory (Weston, MA)
Website: The Rivers School Conservatory (Weston, MA)
Description: This school is devoted to musical instruction and inspiration for students of all ages and backgrounds. Through its frequent concerts, and the Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music in particular, The Rivers Music School makes a significant contribution to the cultural life of the region. The faculty helps guide students of all ages and successfully prepares those who aspire to accomplished musicianship.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 9/23/2008
RSC is an outstanding community conservatory that serves a remarkably wide variety of ages, abilities and interests. While it shares some faculty with the New England Conservatory of Music, the programs of the two schools can not be compared. The environment at Rivers, where teachers, department chairs and administrators really work hard to know every student, is far superior to NEC. Rivers works very hard to place each student with exactly the right teacher. While the orchestra program at NEC is much larger and the top orchestra is more advanced, almost professional, it was not appropriate for my children to play with college students. Parents should do their homework, research the teachers, programs, facilities, environment and philosophy of any school and seek the best match for their child.

Contributed by: Parent on 6/12/2008
As a parent of two children who have attended Rivers in the past, I must comment and correct one of the reviewers on this site. They stated that NEC is more expensive than River's Music for private lessons. This is simply untrue. Please contact both to verify for yourself. River's is a local Music School whereas NEC is nationally recognized. The private lesson rate is much less at NEC, even though the school is more selective and the instructor qualifications are more stringent. In the case of NEC vs. River's, in my opinion, you DO NOT get what you pay for! Parents need to do their homework. My PG and HG children did not do well with River's, but are thriving at the less-expensive NEC.

Contributed by: Parent on 6/5/2008
In my experience, this is not an ideal school for a profoundly gifted child. The school is expensive; there are some good teachers. As others have mentioned, if your child is talented you may also want to investigate the New England Conservatory.

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