Resource: Academy Hill (Springfield, MA)
Website: Academy Hill (Springfield, MA)
Description: Academy Hill School is a coeducational private day school for grades K-8, located in Springfield, Mass. According their web site, the student to teacher ratio is small, curriculum is compacted and learning is accelerated and enriched. Children are instructed individually and in small groups.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 1/30/2006
Our daughter is classified as highly gifted. We extensively looked for the right school for her, a school that used methods specifically geared toward giftedness, creativity, self esteem, success and freedom to grow at her own pace. We moved 50 miles to be near this school. I absolutely assure you Academy Hill is one of a kind, and worth the effort. Each child is thought of as a unique contributor and learner. Lesson plans take the individual and his or her special needs and talents into consideration.

Contributed by: Parent on 2/26/2005
After an extensive search, we found a perfect fit for our son at Academy Hill. A very individualized program enables each student to work at their own pace, with emphasis placed on math and literacy. I would highly recommend this school for those looking for a strong academic base and small class size.

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