Resource: Science & Arts Academy (SAA) (Des Plaines, IL)
Website: Science & Arts Academy (SAA) (Des Plaines, IL)
Description: Science & Arts Academy (SAA) is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational, not-for-profit day school for students preschool through middle school. The unifying mission of SAA is to provide a stimulating environment in which intellectually or creatively gifted children can realize and learn to celebrate their full academic and artistic potential.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 12/3/2015
My PG daughter will graduate from Science & Arts Academy this spring, and it has been a phenomenal experience for her. The teachers have been fabulous about getting to know her and challenging her in a supportive environment. And the opportunity to have a group of true peers has been vital. The scope and breadth of the curriculum and the extra curricular activities helped her find passions and get to know herself.

Contributed by: Educator on 10/23/2014
We have been really thrilled with SAA since transferring our child to fifth grade at the academy. Everything the school promised us has happened, our student is challenged. They enjoy their peers and relate well to the great teachers. Extra curricular activities emphasize academics (with successful Science Olympiad and math teams) but include sports. Teachers and administration are responsive and caring. I'd say the school's strengths are science, differentiation especially in math, and critical thinking skills.

Contributed by: Parent on 4/13/2011
My PG daughter is in her fourth year at SAA, and it is the best year yet. The school has been supportive, flexible, and creative in meeting her needs, both academic and social/emotional. The teachers are beyond fabulous, and the curriculum is deep, engaging, and broad all at the same time. The ability to have such high caliber art, music, drama, and foreign language and also offer in-depth and accelerated math, science and language arts provides so many rich experiences and learning opportunities. Each child is an individual at SAA, and each is accepted and nurtured.

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