Resource: Anderson Private School for the Gifted, Talented and Creative (Fort Worth, TX)
Website: Anderson Private School for the Gifted, Talented and Creative (Fort Worth, TX)
Description: Anderson is a private coeducational day school for elementary and middle school students, located in Fort Worth, Texas. This school offers an extremely individualized curriculum.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 2/2/2013
The Anderson School totally turned around things for my child. I cannot say enough to thank them.

Contributed by: Parent on 10/9/2012
Finding the Anderson School was such a blessing on so many levels for us, and especially, for my son. We had been led to this most amazing oasis where each child is nurtured and every part of the child “learns” by revealing and sharing who they are. You, Mrs. and Dr. Anderson, have been blessed with these incredibly compassionate hearts, higher planes of intuition, years of experience teaching, all garnered together making you so humanly adept at knowing when a child is feeling particularly vulnerable, alone or misunderstood. You know what this child needs to hear. I have observed you do this hundreds of times. and beside one's deepest uncharted territories. I hope you know that on a scale 1 to 20, 20 being the best overall experience ever, my son would rate Anderson at 100.

Contributed by: Parent on 8/11/2012
I want to thank everyone at the Anderson School for giving me back my son who loves to learn. Six years ago I brought my broken and unhappy boy, who hated school, to the Anderson School and they turned him into a happy, well adjusted young man who is looking forward to entering college this Fall, at the age of sixteen. It has been a wonderful relief to know that the environment he was in was safe and free from the all the typical problems, like drugs and crime, found in other schools. To me, the freedom from worrying about such things was a great gift. Thank you all!

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