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Website: Edlin School (Reston, VA)
Description: Edlin School is a private coeducational day school for grades K-8, located in Reston, Virginia. This school was established by two teachers with gifted children who found their needs were not being met in existing institutions. It is a nurturing place, relatively flexible, and quite small. There is a dress code; Willingness to make some accomodations for HG/EG/PG children.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 1/8/2015
We've been at Edlin for the past two years and have loved it. The student teacher ratio is great and the teachers have been wonderful at redirecting, but not stifling, the curious mind of our little one. Her precocious nature and NEED to comprehend has been accommodated in a manner that does not leave her feeling silenced.

Contributed by: Parent on 4/16/2010
Form our experience, we have been disappointed in this school. We have been unhappy with class sizes and some instructors, as well as the facilities.

Contributed by: Parent on 1/29/2010
Suffice it to say that my two children came into the school at 4th and 2nd grade and are so ridiculously happy here at Edlin. They are being challenged academically, socially they've made some wonderful friends, the parents are funny, loving, and very involved, and the staff is TO DIE FOR!! What more could you want?? Don't be fooled by how it looks on the outside, I would recommend you come and sit and talk with one of the staff members and take a tour while the school is open. Many former Nysmith parents are here and they have mentioned that the quality of education is comprable if not better....I would HIGHLY recommend this school!!!

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