Resource: Lee Academy for Gifted Education (Tampa, FL)
Website: Lee Academy for Gifted Education (Tampa, FL)
Description: Lee Academy has patterned its approach to education after Dr. Barbara Clark’s Integrative Education Model. Initiated at California State University in the New Age School Project in 1980, this model incorporates data from such diverse fields as physics, psychology and neuroscience. In every subject area, the Integrative Education Model combines thinking with feeling, the senses, and intuition. Using this model as a framework, we have applied Dr. Clark’s key components in the development of our program.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 11/20/2012
Unfortunately, this is a for-profit institution that may have started out well-intentioned but my family did not have a good experience with this school. I wish there were other opportunities in the Tampa area.

Contributed by: Parent on 9/16/2012
Lee Academy is a fantastic school and has been a great fit for our younger gifted learner. With so few resources in the public school system for gifted (especially young) learners, we feel fortunate to have found Lee Academy. The teachers are supportive and have a great understanding of the challenges that gifted learners and their families face. They encourage problems solving and creativitiy in addition to core cirriculum. They have wonderful enrichment programs like their community garden and yoga classes. One of the best aspect of this school is the amazing community of teachers, parents and children. I can't say enough good things about this school!

Contributed by: Student on 12/23/2007
From my four years attending the school - I cannot say that I would have had a better experience anywhere else. The relationships I have with my teachers are priceless and unmatchable, and considering the opportunity given to me to partake in University of South Florida classes - they have been the best college prep I have ever received. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, please visit the school! It is a very special learning environment, located on a beautiful campus.

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