Resource: Long Island School for the Gifted (Huntington Station, NY)
Website: Long Island School for the Gifted (Huntington Station, NY)
Description: The Long Island School for the Gifted (LISG) is a private coeducational day school for gifted students in grades K-9, located in Huntington Station, New York. This is an academically rigorous school with a fairly traditional approach to education. The curriculum for each grade level is about 2 years ahead of other (non gifted) schools. Each graduating ninth grader enters high school having already earned several credits and is in a position to accelerate through the high school curriculum.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 8/3/2012
As a parent of two children who have attended LISG since kindergarten, LISG has proven to be a wonderful invaluable experience for my children. As far as the comments regarding the staff and their attentiveness or rigidity, in general we have found everyone to be caring and nurturing. As to the social aspects, although the school does not offer after school activities, particularly, sports activities or music instruction, all of which is due to transportation restraints, one thing is for certain, LISG does not turn anyone into an 'uber-nerd' or socially inept. In the end, attending LISG or any private institution must be a personal choice and everyone's experience will be different. For us, it has been a wonderful experience.

Contributed by: Student on 3/7/2008
LISG is a good school for academics and everything but it doesn't really socially prepare you for high school. Another thing I should add is that LISG has NO sports programs whatsoever, so if you stay all 10 years, you lose the opportunity to play middle school, and 1 year of high school sports.

Contributed by: Student on 11/14/2007
I have been at LISG since Kindergarten. I think the school is pretty cool, even if some classes are not top-notch. I enjoy many of my classes and the teachers are awesome.

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