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Description: DaVinci Academy is a private coeducational day school for gifted children in grades K-8, located in the Chicago suburb of Elgin, Illinois. DaVinci Academy believes in giving gifted students a solid educational foundation to build upon, and in preparing them for success throughout life. DaVinci Academy believes four important aspects of development - academic, creative, emotional, and social - enable the gifted child to reach his or her potential. All four aspects are incorporated in the child's learning experience at DaVinci.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 2/16/2009
This school is wonderful. My first grader loves the school, never complains the day was boring like in public schools. This school is great!!

Contributed by: Parent on 8/17/2008
As a parent, it is easy to see the push for more funds and the small class sizes are great, but the children are placed within a very small room. Social skills may not be learned as needed as well. The staff is terrific and seem to care, but learning the fundamental basics must come first, not another language or the solar system when a 6 yr old can't write their alphabet correctly and letters are backwards.

Contributed by: Student on 3/10/2008
I have been going to this school since preschool and I feel that I am being very well prepared for high school and beyond. We learn to define our personal learning style in 5th grade and usually have choices that include each style for every project assigned. We are also encouraged to strengthen the learning styles that we are not strong in. I am in the highly gifted range and based on my friends' stories about their schools and the work they do I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I am allowed to be creative and "smart" without feeling embarrassed.

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