Resource: Governor's School of North Carolina (GSNC) (Raleigh, NC)
Website: Governor's School of North Carolina (GSNC) (Raleigh, NC)
Organization: State Board of Education
Description: This prestigious Governor's School in North Carolina is open to rising seniors only, with exceptions made for rising juniors in the performing/visual arts area. For six weeks the state-funded program offers gifted teens a curriculum that explores "the most recent ideas and concepts" in a number of interdisciplinary areas. These areas include: English, foreign languages (Spanish at Governor's School West and French at Governor's School East), mathematics, and natural and social sciences. The performing/visual arts disciplines include art, choral and instrumental music, dance, and drama.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 7/26/2006
My eldest daughter was a "Govie" at West in 2001. I watched her grow more in that 8 weeks than I did the rest of her High school career. She was prepared for the level of discussion she would encounter throughout her college career.

Contributed by: Student on 7/18/2006
GS is the best thing you could ever do during the summer before your senior (sometimes junior) year. I attended GSE in 2005 and it helped me to really look into things before I made decisions on them and that can really make your life experiences better. If you have the chance to attend please do!

Contributed by: Student on 12/2/2004
The Governor's School is the most incredible thing you could possibly do next to curing a disease and/or performing your own oral surgery. Trust me, whatever effort you put into getting accepted into the GS program will be rewarded. I went to GS West last summer and I am still making at least one reference to something I did there a day.

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