Resource: Truman State, Joseph Baldwin Academy for Eminent Young Scholars (Kirksville, MO)
Website: Truman State, Joseph Baldwin Academy for Eminent Young Scholars (Kirksville, MO)
Organization: Truman State University
Description: The Joseph Baldwin Academy for Eminent Young Scholars is for students completing the seventh, eighth, or ninth grade with the purpose to identify and challenge high-ability students at a critical period in their lives. Eight college-level courses comprise the Baldwin Academy's curriculum during first session and eight second session. Each course is taught by a Truman State University faculty member.

Comments: Contributed by: Educator on 10/17/2007
The parent is right...if your school isn't on the ball to recommend kids for the summer program before the end of Sept., they won't be able to go. Parents are not allowed to request an application and there is no wiggle room from the staff. If the child can make it through the application process, the program is good.

Contributed by: Parent on 10/16/2007
My daughter participated at JBA as a post 8th grader and loved it! The academics were appropriately advanced and the staff did a good job monitoring the kids and keeping them busy in between class time. I teach gifted kids and would highly recommend the program.

Contributed by: Parent on 1/11/2006
It is somewhat tricky to get into this program. You cannot get an application by simply requesting one. You must attend a school that supports gifted education and this program, which my young scholar did not. For many years I requested an application directly from the Academy, was told I would receive one from the person in charge of the program, and then never did get one. Then when I would phone to inquire about this, I was told I had missed the deadline and to try again the next year, which I did. Still, the same thing happended year after year. I wish you better luck.

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