Resource: Governor's Program for Gifted Children (GPGC) (Lake Charles, LA)
Website: Governor's Program for Gifted Children (GPGC) (Lake Charles, LA)
Description: "The Governor's Program for Gifted Children is seven weeks of academic enrichment, artistic opportunity, and friendship. A residential program at McNeese State University, the GPGC is the oldest and most comprehensive enrichment program for gifted students in Louisiana. With an approach that aims to develop the whole child, the GPGC provides for the intellectual, creative, and social needs of gifted children."

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 8/13/2014
The Governor's Program was an eye opening experience for both me and my parents, in both my education and my social life. The education that I received in seven weeks at the Program greatly exceeds most things that I've "learned" in public schools. The teachers are the best I've ever had any interactions with, they put the education of the students before most anything. My social life greatly increased due to the program. I was extremely nervous, shy, and kept to myself my first day and was extremely out going by the third week. This shift really surprised people back at school and my parents because I began to socialize and be GOOD at it because of the "practice" the program gave me. Everybody respects you and your opinions and will approach anything you do or say in the most respectable way possible. The experiences I have had were amazing and if you get the chance to go to the Program or send your child(ren), I strongly recommend it because it will be a great thing for both of you.

Contributed by: Student on 7/18/2014
My three summers attending the program still influence me today. As a kid, it was nice to be in a group where I was "normal". The humanities reading list would make for a good graduate seminar in political philosophy, and has remained useful through getting a doctorate in health policy and an academic career. Although I struggled with composition at first, the writing foundation it gave was far superior to what I received in public schools, and proved invaluable in my career. Spending seven weeks each summer living like a student in the dorms helped make the transition to college that much easier.

Contributed by: Parent on 7/21/2007
My husband and our three daughters are all gifties. All would count their GPGC as their most formative academic experience. My husband is 56 and our daughters are 26, 22, and 12.

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