Resource: The Emotional Journey of the Gifted and Talented Adolescent Female
Website: The Emotional Journey of the Gifted and Talented Adolescent Female
Author: Blakeley, S.
Publisher: The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
Year: Spring 2001
Description: Written from the parent's perspective, this article describes the psychological and social developmental issues of an adolescent female. Part case-study and part instructive narrative, the article provides an insightful look at the dynamic between parent and child.

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 4/9/2012
Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl, as you may say, 'gifted'. Till now its hard for to accept that term. I feel more weird than blessed. Anyway, I've been acknowledge as gifted since kindergarten. I was a very exciting, fun, engaging kid back then. But as time went by, and peer pressure began, at the age of 4, depression symptom began to appear. I was crying half of the time, and have personal hygiene issues. Most of the time I skip classes, and could not pay attention appropriately. I usually slept at classes or busy my self with drawings and poetry. But surprisingly, I manage to got through elementary and middle school with a relatively high GPA. But the horror that came from depression, morbid thoughts, suicidal and paranoia, haunts me till this day. I went to the school shrink numerous time to resolve my temper problem. I always know what to say, if asked by a psychologist. In the end, none of their help, really helped. But despite all of that, I still manage to get good grades, even better than before. My view are very distorted and at the time I was very delusional. I didn't really engage with any of my school mates except in brief like in school or classes. My mom was absolutely worried, I lash out numerous time and I lost a lot of my stuff. Now I'm in college, and I arrive at the point I don't feel anything. I lost my desire to be lively. To be honest, the major pain from all of it is the loneliness. Feelings of being different from the rest of people around me. I'm eager to connect, and said 'I feel the same way.' When the truth is very different. Often I talk to the made up person inside my imagination, and get comfort from writing stories. But I long for that connection.

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