Resource: Everyday Words from Classic Origins: A Language Activity Workbook
Website: Everyday Words from Classic Origins: A Language Activity Workbook
Author: Kalsem, K.
ISBN: 0789156849
Publisher: Perfection Learning Corporation
Year: 1983; 2002
Description: This workbook is great for homeschoolers. It helps students master the Latin and Greek roots by providing sequenced activities, practice sets and reviews. A separate response key is also provided. It has over 275 word bases, including the variations. For example, FAC (FIC), FACT (FECT) (FY) all mean "to do, to make." Each lesson has five sections: "Touching Base", "Branching Out", "Words in Progress", "Words in Action" and "Word of Interest". After every 3 lessons, there are review activities and practice sets. There is also a list of Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes in the back of the workbook.

Comments: Contributed by: Educator on 2/2/2008
I used this workbook with my 5th grade gifted and talented center students in conjunction with the study of Ancient Greece and Rome. I created cumulative tests to follow each 3 lessons, so the students really had to know (e.g. memorize) the word bases. Students told me how this helped them later on in their middle and high school classes. It's a terrific workbook, and truly enriches the curriculum.

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