Resource: eIMACS - e-Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Website: eIMACS - e-Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Organization: Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Description: eIMACS, the distance learning division of the Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science (IMACS), is dedicated to delivering the highest quality interactive math and computer science classes for gifted and talented secondary school students. University-level, online courses include Advanced Mathematical Logic, University Computer Science, AP Computer Science, and Test Prep for the AP Computer Science and AP Calculus exams. eIMACS is based in Plantation, Florida, and serves students from across the US and around the world, including homeschoolers, students without access to AP Computer Science, and students who want to study advanced math and computer science at their own pace. For high school level courses for talented middle school-aged children, consider Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF).

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 7/8/2014
My daughter started taking eIMACS three years ago with the first logic course and has loved them since she started; this year she chose to take two courses! From the beginning the courses have not only challenged her, but kept her interested and excited to learn new things. I have been impressed with the concepts she is learning and by the amount of academic maturity the courses have drawn out of her. What she would tell you is that the first course she took with eIMACS made her like math again! The courses require a lot of effort, but the amount of learning that takes place is worth that effort. My daughter loves that the classes do not talk down to her or try to disguise learning as a game; they treat the student as someone who is competent and intelligent and willing to work. In addition, her teachers have been very responsive to her questions and quick to grade assignments. They have been only positive and encouraging toward her, taking an interest in her as an individual. For us, these classes have been a wonderful find!

Contributed by: Student on 5/21/2014
I recently completed the eIMACS AP Computer Science (CS) course. Before taking this course, I had a minimal background in computer science. After completing the course, I feel that I have attained a strong background in CS and have discovered a passion for solving problems by coding. My experience with eIMACS was amazing! The class material was well-written and easy to understand. If I ever had a question, I could easily access my eIMACS instructor. The lab assignments were challenging, but fun and interesting. They provided me with real opportunities to learn how to code. Throughout the year, I have learned not only how to code, but how to think. This class has strongly influenced my interests. This summer I will continue my studies at Google in Seattle, and I plan on studying CS at Brown University in the fall. I can’t thank eIMACS enough for helping me to realize how exciting, interesting, and multifaceted computer science can be.

Contributed by: Student on 3/3/2014
IMACS is an amazing program that emphasizes logic-based problem solving and critical thinking skills. Its innovative curriculum is ingeniously woven into fun games and puzzles, and gives a rock-solid foundation in critical thinking and logic. I’ve taken almost all of their logic, computer science, and math enrichment classes. The quality of their courses is outstanding and, in my experience, unique. I always looked forward to my weekly IMACS sessions and online eIMACS courses. Thanks to IMACS, I had the logical and conceptual foundation to thrive in college mathematics and computer science courses at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford as a high school freshman!

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