Resource: eIMACS - e-Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Website: eIMACS - e-Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Organization: Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Description: eIMACS, the distance learning division of the Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science (IMACS), is dedicated to delivering the highest quality interactive math and computer science classes for gifted and talented secondary school students. University-level, online courses include Advanced Mathematical Logic, University Computer Science, AP Computer Science, and Test Prep for the AP Computer Science and AP Calculus exams. eIMACS is based in Plantation, Florida, and serves students from across the US and around the world, including homeschoolers, students without access to AP Computer Science, and students who want to study advanced math and computer science at their own pace. For high school level courses for talented middle school-aged children, consider Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF).

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 5/15/2015
My daughter is a senior in high school and completed University Computer Science 1 this year. She had no computer science experience prior to this course. She felt the material was clearly presented and the exercises were helpful. When she needed assistance, the instructor provided just the right level of help, and his response was almost always immediate. Overall, she feels she learned a lot and really enjoyed the course. As a result, she is considering majoring in computer science in college. As a parent, I can say this was money well spent.

Contributed by: Parent on 4/22/2015
We have always been very pleased with the local IMACS instructors that our son has had, but the level of commitment from his eIMACS instructor has been outstanding. Our son is a very gifted student with a big heart and wonderful mind, but we know that your program has played a significant role in all of his achievements. His dream is to attend Stanford or MIT to study Computer Science, and allowing him to be part of eIMACS is the best preparation we can provide for him today. We highly recommend IMACS to all of our friends and family.

Contributed by: Parent on 9/21/2014
My daughter has just completed the university level computer science (CS) courses offered by IMACS and received A+ grades. My decision to ask her take the first CS course has turned out to be pivotal as she has fallen in love with computing and algorithms and has decided to be a CS major in college. As a parent and computer scientist, I can attest to both the breadth and depth of the problems in IMACS courses. These courses will be loved by students who are self-directed learners and creative problem solvers who love new challenges every day and are able to work with minimal supervision. Parents can track progress. The instructors are very timely in offering help and in a manner that forces students to think critically in approaching the problems so as to improve their problem solving abilities.

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