Resource: eIMACS - e-Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Website: eIMACS - e-Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Organization: Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Description: eIMACS, the distance learning division of the Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science (IMACS), is dedicated to delivering the highest quality interactive math and computer science classes for gifted and talented secondary school students. University-level, online courses include Advanced Mathematical Logic, University Computer Science, AP Computer Science, and Test Prep for the AP Computer Science and AP Calculus exams. eIMACS is based in Plantation, Florida, and serves students from across the US and around the world, including homeschoolers, students without access to AP Computer Science, and students who want to study advanced math and computer science at their own pace. For high school level courses for talented middle school-aged children, consider Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF).

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 2/13/2016
My son begged me to register him for online computer science classes over a two year period. I was hesitant to take the plunge because classes are expensive and I was unsure if an online approach would be a good fit. After much research into online schools, I registered my son for University Computer Science I, IMACS' college-level intro to computer science class. My son's class more than surpassed our expectations. We were amazed by the quality and depth of the course material and the support of the faculty. My son went on to take University Computer Science II, then the AP Computer Science class as well as their Intro to Logic I class. These classes are rigorous and thoroughly prepare students for advanced studies in computer science. If you are holding back registering your student in these classes due to fears that these classes will not provide an in-depth exposure to college level computer science, I can vouch that the education my son has received at IMACS has been of exceptional quality and well worth the expense.

Contributed by: Parent on 1/8/2016
At eIMACS, our son found an environment conducive to learning, with self-paced and intensive university-level computer science courses offering the depth and rigor he enjoys. Each course is backed by responsive instructors and offers relevant learning that is at once practical and lays the foundation to a strong computer science background. As parents, we definitely recommend eIMACS for kids who love computer science, have an aptitude for hard work and enjoy challenging courses different from the norm!

Contributed by: Student on 11/11/2015
The summer before my sophomore year of high school, I decided that I wanted to try computer science and took the eIMACS University Computer Science I course. I could not have made a better choice. The class was challenging but accessible, teaching me the fundamental concepts without discouraging me with an extremely complicated language. This helped me to enjoy the ideas and problem solving aspects of computer science without getting bogged down by a frustrating language. It helped instill in me a love of the larger themes, which proved to be exceedingly helpful when I took AP Computer Science in the much more complicated language of Java. Because I had the background of UCS1, I was able to overcome the particular nature of the programming language and focus on the more exciting concepts of computer science. This allowed me to earn a 5 on the AP exam without ever having stepped inside a classroom. I highly recommend both the UCS1 and AP Computer Science: Java Programming courses from eIMACS.

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