Resource: More Than Moody: Recognizing and Treating Adolescent Depression
Website: More Than Moody: Recognizing and Treating Adolescent Depression
Author: Koplewicz, H.
ISBN: 039914918X
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons
Year: 2002
Description: In this book, Dr. Koplewicz uses his experience as a clinician and researcher to help parents distinguish between normal teenage angst and actual depression, a serious psychiatric illness. He combines prescriptive advice and compelling stories to show parents the warning signs, risk factors, and key symptoms that distinguish this behavior from depression, an under-treated problem that can have serious long-term consequences, and that can even be life-threatening.

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 12/12/2012
Is this guy even credible when you consider his potential financial and management conflicts of interest with psychopharmacology-related commercial entities and the lawsuits against him? (see Wikipedia article on Harold S. Koplewicz)

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