Resource: Portland Public Schools - ACCESS Alternative Program for Highly Gifted Students (Portland, OR)
Website: Portland Public Schools - ACCESS Alternative Program for Highly Gifted Students (Portland, OR)
Description: The ACCESS Alternative Program is designed for only the most highly capable students in the Portland, Oregon area. With grades 1 through 8, ACCESS is located in Rose City Park. ACCESS serves the needs of students who have a high degree of asynchrony between subjects. Both the abilities and needs of the candidate are considered during the application process. ACCESS accepts applications from students in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 5/7/2014
ACCESS is as of 05/14 located at the Rose City Park building, and has grown a lot since people have discovered it more recently. Applicants should know students need to test at the 99th percentile. In Portland Public Schools 97th percentile is considered Talented and Gifted. Some PPS schools have 30% TAG students, which is an indication that something is not right with general TAG identification. It also makes regular classroom teachers believe they can differentiate sufficiently because they have experience handling supposed TAG student populations. That is why ACCESS is so valuable to those who REALLY qualify and need the level of instruction they get with this program.

Contributed by: Parent on 1/6/2004
Note to parent-advocates: It took SIX YEARS for these changes to occur in Portland. Filing a complaint with the state requires incredible stamina!

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