Resource: EPGY English Department (Palo Alto, CA)
Website: EPGY English Department (Palo Alto, CA)
Organization: Education Program for Gifted Youth
University: Stanford University
Description: This distance learning program through EPGY offers English courses from the fourth-grade level through the Advanced Placement level. Students are placed into English Expository Writing courses based on age and standardized test scores.

Comments: Contributed by: Davidson Young Scholar on 12/6/2004
I'm in fourth grade, and I just finished the new LAW course. I learned a lot from it. I go to a very good school, but they spend only a few weeks a year teaching us about grammar. I really didn't know very much about the parts of speech except nouns, verbs, and adjectives. I certainly didn't know about helping verbs, linking verbs, and action verbs. I didn't know much about prepositions, adverbs, or different kinds of pronouns. The program gave me a lot of practice in writing different kinds of sentences. I just started the EG20 course, and I like that one even more.

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