Resource: 21st Century Cyber Charter School (Exton, PA)
Website: 21st Century Cyber Charter School (Exton, PA)
Description: This public, tuition-free alternative school for grades 6-12 has been in existence since 1999. It provides all Pennsylvania students the opportunity to experience a quality curriculum, designed to meet their individual needs by enabling motivated students to accelerate their education or graduate early. The school is chartered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 4/16/2009
My child has never had difficulty getting and maintaing excellent grades and so we thought we'd give 21CCCS a try due to their "out of the box" curriculum -- but it did not work out for us. Very little of what we initially bought into came to fruition; we ended up disappointed and frustrated.

Contributed by: Parent on 1/29/2008
I have 2 children in 21Century Cyber who love it. My oldest child is a good student; however he was struggling in a subject at public school and now, due to the fact she can take more time reviewing the material, we've seen an improvement. My younger child likes to move at a faster pace and doesn't get bored now like in his previous public school.

Contributed by: Parent on 3/21/2006
21st Century Cyber is the only cyber school we have found with a teacher certified in gifted education. They allow the students flexible paces so they can accelerate through the classes, or the students can use the time to go more in-depth into an area they are interested in studying. They also understand that gifted students are not gifted in every area. If you have a gifted or even dual-exceptionality student we highly recommend this school.

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