Resource: New School of Orlando (Orlando, FL)
Website: New School of Orlando (Orlando, FL)
Description: Located in Orlando, FL, the New School of Orlando is a private coed day school for grades K-8 with an approach based on Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory that exposes children to all aspects of intellectual exploration.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 8/9/2008
From what I understand, I guess this school would be great if you have a lot of money. I find it unfortunate that people who cannot afford $10,000 a year do not have an option for full-time gifted education in Orlando.

Contributed by: Parent on 12/13/2007
I would not recommend this school for highly or profoundly gifted children. My daughter was pulled out after one month of first grade and we then homeschooled her. I felt that the school seemed to be intent on making her fit in at her age level, not her mental level.

Contributed by: Parent on 11/18/2007
My daughter has attended NSO for 8 years. She loves it; during the summer she counts the days until school starts again. I disagree with the negative comments above and invite all curious applicants to take a tour, ask around, and draw their own conclusions. My child would not be who she is were it not for NSO's strong and beneficial influence in her life.

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