Resource: You're Gonna Miss the Prom: A True Life Account and Guide Book for Gifted Kids
Website: You're Gonna Miss the Prom: A True Life Account and Guide Book for Gifted Kids
Author: Betancourt, L. & Betancourt, D.
ISBN: 0963969331
Publisher: DLB Publishing
Year: 2003
Description: This book is a guide for gifted kids who accelerate, home school or enter a college program. One author skipped high school and entered college at age 13, graduating at 16. This book details the process she took, the social questions and answers on entering early college, how to research laws and generally how to prepare to accelerate.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 2/25/2004
This book was self published by the authors. Lauren's story is interesting, yet poorly told. The switch from her voice to her mother's is often unclear, and the text is riddled with grammatical errors and typos. As a sort of case study, the book has some merit, but as the guide book it purports to be, it has little value. The authors advise readers to take the SAT many times, and also state that AP exams can only be taken when enrolled in high school. Other sources advise students not to take the SAT more than a few times, and it is untrue that AP exams are only offered to students in traditional high schools. I hate to be so negative about this book, because it is mostly upbeat and stresses the positive side of radical acceleration.

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