Resource: From Homeschool to College and Work
Website: From Homeschool to College and Work
Author: McKee, A.
ISBN: 0965780619
Publisher: Bittersweet House
Year: 1998
Description: This book is about turning homeschooled experiences into college and job portfolios. As a parent who homeschooled and, more importantly, unschooled her children since birth, McKee had often pondered how she would go about writing a college portfolio if her children chose to attend college. This book outlines how her family wrote two successful college portfolios. Topics covered are (1) how to get started (2) documenting the learning process (3) compiling data for a portfolio (4) putting a final document together to create a college admissions portfolio or job resume.

Comments: Contributed by: DITD Team Member on 2/13/2004
This is a useful tool for any homeschooling family, especially those currently thinking about/preparing for college entrance. The author gives examples for oganizing documentations and portfolios, as well as ideas on how to include the various nontraditional subjects that may have been included in the child's curriculum.

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