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Website: International Academy (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Description: International Academy is a public, tuition-free, coeducational high school for grades 9-12, located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. International Academy provides a unique blend of rigorous academic standards and practical, career-related learning. Featuring the world-recognized International Baccalaureate as the centerpiece of its curriculum, it concentrates on preparing students for success in a global marketplace.

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 2/18/2010
As a junior in this school at the West Campus, I see many advantages and disadvantages. At my campus, there seems to be a high teacher turnover rate. Also there is no physical education program. The base that this school is set on is good, but I do believe there are some flaws.

Contributed by: Student on 5/2/2008
Im a freshman there right now. I love it. I mean, no kid loves school, but i love the people there, and the teachers. The teachers actually, truly and genuinely seem to care about us, academically, emotionally, mentally and physically. Most importantly, i love the diversity at the school. Since its such a small building with many full grown high school students, students get the opputunity to know almost every other student. Since it is an international school, kids from all over the world attend. I love how i can share my culture and my background with every one comfortably and they can share it with me comfortably and there is interest in other peoples' culture religion and background. Everyone is very open minded, kind and its just like one huge family.

Contributed by: Parent on 3/21/2005
This school is so ridiculously good, it's astounding. At college, everyone is struggling, and I'm just flying though. English, science, math, history, everything here is just great. More than the subject matter though, and much more important, is the lessons that you learn about time management, doing work, how to think about problems, and just learning about how to learn. This school prepares you exceedingly well for the world ahead, and forces you to succeed. Sure, it's a lot of work, but it makes life easier after high school. It's faculty and staff know what they're talking about, and know how to teach students about success. People who finish from this school are geared for life, and know that they cannot fail.

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