Resource: Stargate Charter School (Thornton, CO)
Website: Stargate Charter School (Thornton, CO)
Description: Stargate Charter School is a public coeducational charter school for grades K-8, located in Thornton, CO. Stargate School is a high quality, progressive and well-managed school that challenges each student's intellectual abilities, provides for character development and instills a life-long love of learning.

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 8/15/2009
As a student, I love Stargate. I attended for five years. Then, we moved and I attended a public school for two years. I felt like I was becoming lazy and did not learn as much. Now we moved back and I am returning to Stargate. I have never felt this happy. My little sister will be attending too and I know she will love it.

Contributed by: on 4/25/2005
Stargate saved my son from the mediocrity of the public education system.

Contributed by: Parent on 9/8/2004
Stargate is a fantastic school for kids who are ready for a more challenging environment. It is difficult to get into, but is a wonderful way to reward students who are both naturally talented and wish to work hard. It would be nice to see more public schools geared towards children rather than towards a system. Cheers to Stargate.

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