Resource: Horizons Program of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (Charlotte, NC)
Website: Horizons Program of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (Charlotte, NC)
Description: Horizons Program in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a public school program for highly gifted students in grades K-7. Horizons is built around the concept that highly gifted students are special and unique. Their learning style is so radically accelerated that their educational experience must differ from regular education. Students in the program advance academically 1.5 to 4 years in one school year.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 5/23/2008
This program has been terrific for my child. The only problem is the uneven quality of the IB program in the high schools. While the program itself is supposedly the same, the experience of the teachers in teaching it, and the level of support for students who are having difficulty, varies widely. Parents should realize this program is very rigorous, and the best indicator of the quality of a particular high school IB program is the percentage of IB diploma recipients versus IB diploma candidates entering the 11th grade. The percentage of students who succeed indicates whether the requirements pass the "reasonable man" test.

Contributed by: Student on 4/22/2008
The Horizons program is an excellent opportunity for intellectually gifted students to work with others at the same level and develop their talents.

Contributed by: Parent on 11/28/2006
The program currently is offered through eighth grade, not seventh. Kindergarten through fifth grade at Barringer Academic Center; sixth through eighth grade at Randolph Middle School. Mainstreaming is not an issue after middle school - the IB high school program provides extensive acceleratation in the lower years of high school, and then the community college becomes an option, if one actually gets through all of the accelerated courses in the IB program. The newly created Horizons staff in CMS is looking at extending the Horizons program into high school, as well as looking at renaming the program altogether.

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