Resource: Central Virginia Governor's School (Lynchburg, VA)
Website: Central Virginia Governor's School (Lynchburg, VA)
Description: Central Virginia Governor's School (CVGS) is a public coeducational high school for juniors and seniors from Amherst County, Appomattox County, Bedford County, Campbell County, and the City of Lynchburg. Tuition is paid for by local school divisions. Students take mathematics and science courses at CVGS in the morning and return to their home high schools in the afternoon for the remainder of their classes. CVGS is good college prepartion due to the college type environment, the research experience, the technology exposure, and the internship program.

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 8/18/2004
CVGS is quite challenging for even the brightest of students. It not only takes a good mind to succeed, but also determination and desire to excel. CVGS is good for students who are bored with normal high school classes and who need to be challenged. Attending Central Virginia Governor's School strengthens students ties with their peer group, who for maybe the first time, is also intellectually equal to gifted students. CVGS builds character and maturity. Even gifted students who are not inclined towards science and technology will be stimulated by the fast-paced environment. Do not attend this school and expect to continue to be at the top of its classes--remember that the students who are attending are the best and smartest from their schools.

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