Resource: Renaissance Preparatory School (Chicago, IL)
Website: Renaissance Preparatory School (Chicago, IL)
Description: This is an independent, private day school for profoundly gifted junior high and high school students, located in Chicago. The school maintains small class sizes and expands on the strengths of gifted students by tailoring an educational experience to fit their needs.

Comments: Contributed by: Davidson Young Scholar on 6/1/2007
I came to Renaissance in February of my 8th grade year, after attending several schools that didn’t work out for me, and even a brief foray into home schooling. This school has acted as a catalyst for me, shaping me from the non-achieving, inept middle school kid I was into the free-thinking person I am now (at least I like to think of myself that way). I’ve developed my skill in photography, my capacity for working has increased, and I’ve been accepted to the college of my choice.

Contributed by: Student on 6/1/2007
Renaissance Preparatory is a wonderful school. Before coming here I was greatly unhappy with the public and private schools I was attending. My assignments were uninspiring and the curriculum was beyond boring. Here, I’ve been able to travel to England, Greece, Hawaii, and even the 18th century! The reading covers a thorough range of literature and the discussions are lively and fun to participate in. I feel I have complete freedom to voice my thoughts and am not constrained like my peers in the conventional school system. I have complete creative freedom in any projects assigned to me, which has helped me develop various talents and abilities, artistic and otherwise. With a small school, I’m not burdened with the pressures usually associated with bigger schools. Along with one-on-one time with teachers, I have the opportunity to move as quickly as I’d like in my studies. Integrated classes promote mutual respect and caring between students and teachers. I love it here!

Contributed by: Parent on 10/6/2005
This school has been absolutely wonderful for our twice-exceptional child. The teachers truely understand and know how to work with gifted children. This has been the best school for my child. He is extremely happy here.

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