Resource: The Montessori School of San Antonio (TX)
Website: The Montessori School of San Antonio (TX)
Description: This is a private coeducational day school for ages 3-14, located in San Antonio, Texas. The mission of the Judson Montessori School is to provide a personalized education, using the Montessori method and philosophy, to support each student's development while fostering a love of learning.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 10/5/2012
Both my children attended this school for 10 years and have gone on to excel in high school and college. Even though he was dyslexic, my son learned to read before he moved up to Lower Elementary. Thanks to the dedication of his teacher and the flexibility of the Montessori philosophy, they were able to find the learning style that worked best for him. Despite all his learning differences, my son always LOVED going to school. Due to the personalized and developmental approach of Montessori education, children progress at different rates and reach different stages of accomplishment at different times, it "follows the child" instead of forcing the child to try and be at the exact same level as everyone else simply because he/she is a certain age. We are very grateful that both our children were fortunate enough to attend this school. They have become compassionate, self-motivated, independent, learners and achievers.

Contributed by: Parent on 1/21/2010
We had both of our daughters at the school and I will not send my son there. The worst part for us was transferring our oldest to public first grade. We watched her struggle because she was so far behind in reading to the point that they were not going to promote her to 2nd grade until we put her through Sylvan. This is not an isolated story, I know several parents whose children have had to join special tutoring courses to get "caught up" to public.

Contributed by: Parent on 9/28/2008
I love this school! My son started at age 3 last year and we have seen such an improvement in his behavior. He is learning how to become independent and loves going to school. Most importantly he is happy. I plan on sending my other son to JMS when he turns three. I must add how important it is that parents educate themselves about Montessori. It's not all about academics - JMS focuses on the whole child.

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