Resource: Satori Summer Camp (Cheney, WA)
Website: Satori Summer Camp (Cheney, WA)
University: Eastern Washington University
Description: Satori Summer Camp is for students aged 12-18 located in Cheney, Washington. Satori Camp is proud to present this opportunity for academically and intellectually talented students to experience their first taste of college with others who share their enthusiasm for learning in an academic and social environment. Satori camp allows students to choose three mini-courses from a variety of offerings. Each course is held for approximately two hours a day over the five days of camp. This continuity allows for in-depth exploration of subject material, active inquiry and discussion, and hands-on participation by students.

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 8/6/2008
My first year at Satori was this year, and it was truly the best 6 days of my life. The dorms are typical dorms; I felt like they made the camp feel much more like a sort of pre-college glimpse at what it'll be like. Psychophysiology, improv, and geology were all amazing classes, and I wish I could have taken more. Being a mere first year camper, I was afraid everyone would have friends and I would have a hard time finding people to spend time with. That wasn't the case at all. Only a couple of hours after arriving on Sunday I had met people that I can't even imagine living without anymore. Satori is the best experience I've ever had. If you get the chance to go, do it!

Contributed by: Parent on 5/9/2008
There are tons of camps appealing to those who love math and hard science, but not many camps where teens get to learn from college professors, discuss behavioral psych with a FBI agent, or create their own films. I am so thankful we found Satori. It has brought joy to our daughter - the joy of finding like-minded friends. This is a community of campers that stays in touch with each other all year. It's an early college experience. I just wish it was longer than a week!

Contributed by: Parent on 2/1/2008
Satori Camp impacted my son in ways we never expected. The Satori experience was 100% positive for him. He learned new people skills, acceptance of the differences in others, self confidence and he found a family of peers he could be himself with. He continued on to become a counselor and now teaches at Satori, traveling a great distance each July, to be a part of the team that works hard to help others have a positive experience. And after the last fan is turned off and the last bags are piled to go home, he spends another hour just finding all the newest campers to tell them goodbye and let them know how much he enjoyed sharing the week with them. Yes, he learned that caring there, too.

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