Resource: Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) - (Plantation, FL)
Website: Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) - (Plantation, FL)
Description: IMACS is designed to give children a competitive edge by teaching them how to think critically using logic and reasoning. Headquartered in Plantation, Florida, IMACS offers after-school and weekend classes for gifted and talented 1st-12th grade students in math enrichment, computer programming and virtual robotics, electronics, university-level mathematics, and university-level computer science. Classes are held at various locations throughout South Florida and at affiliate locations in Connecticut, Missouri, and North Carolina. Some IMACS locations also offer a fun-filled Hi-Tech Summer Camp. Secondary school students not able to attend a local teaching center may take foundational courses through Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) or university-level courses through eIMACS, both of which are online.

Comments: Contributed by: Student on 3/16/2014
At a very young age, I began to get bored with the pace of the math curriculum at school. IMACS provided all the enrichment I could hope for and more. The unique coursework gave me the foundation in logical thinking that allowed me to place into a math class four years above grade-level. The University Computer Science curriculum did much more than teach me how to code; it taught me the process of structuring a program. No matter what computer language I am programming in, a quick reference to the general language structure is all I need to adapt. As a girl, I am a minority in the world of computer science and engineering. In a male-dominated field, the IMACS curriculum gives me the advantage I need to be successful in high school, college, and the workforce.

Contributed by: Parent on 9/29/2013
My son still acknowledges the important role IMACS had in his success. It was one of the few classes that forced him to think and the only classes that didn't come easily. I'll never forget how his computer science teacher made him work week after week until he figured out the answer. He is currently a junior at Olin College of Engineering, and the perseverance he developed while at IMACS is serving him incredibly well now.

Contributed by: Parent on 4/8/2013
IMACS is one of the few programs available for gifted students that encourages enduring and comprehensive critical reasoning techniques. The Computer Science curriculum is outstanding and exceeds those in the best private schools. My daughter's self-confidence has soared since attending IMACS, and she applies her knowledge to many different academic and extra curricular disciplines. One of the most important aspects of the program remains the positive environment and motivation within the classroom, which we found very important for her young age. She never experiences any pressure and always comes home saying she had fun!

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