Resource: Realms of Inquiry (Salt Lake City, UT)
Website: Realms of Inquiry (Salt Lake City, UT)
Description: Realms of Inquiry was founded as a special-purpose school for gifted, talented and creative students. As the school developed it became apparent to the founders that a large population of highly intelligent but unchallenged and sometimes unmotivated students were in need of a specialized educational program. Realms has grown to meet the needs of this population without losing sight of its original commitment to students who are both gifted and motivated.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 11/8/2004
This is a good alternative to public school gifted programs, it has a cut-off of 120 IQ so it does not always do a good job with the profoundly gifted kids. However, compared to other schools it gives kids a better chance to learn at their level. I would recommend this school for gifted kids who have had a bad time in public schools, but it will work best for a higly self-motivated learner and may not reach profoundly gifted underachievers

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