Resource: Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners (WCGL) (Milwaukee, WI)
Website: Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners (WCGL) (Milwaukee, WI)
Description: The non-profit Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners (WCGL) develops and provides programs and guidance for gifted learners, their families, and teachers to support the social/cognitive and educational development of children who love to learn and whose exceptional intellectual abilities require special services.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 11/7/2011
The WCGL provides gifted students from preschool through the 8th grade a chance to work with their intellectual peers & a staff of teachers who honestly enjoy working with this population, who truly understand each child's potential and who take these children seriously and treat them with a respect that many of these children have never known outside their own families. It is a place where gifted students can fully be themselves. No hiding of ability. No hiding of interests. They are warmly welcomed. Our son attended two years of summer sessions before enrolling in the day school. At the end of his first day, we couldn't get a word in edgewise on the 15 mile drive to our home as he described the things they would do and the friends with whom he was collaborating on projects. At home, he then embarked on a series of creative endeavors: he wrote a play, he built play structures, and he disassembled and assembled electronics. Nothing new. But the excitement and the sense of purpose were different -- it was as if all this energy and ability had finally found the right outlet. We're so grateful we found this place.

Contributed by: Parent on 3/8/2005
With small student/teacher ratios, around 8 students per teacher, gifted peers and a desire to teach gifted children, this is the place to send a student if you are in the Milwaukee, WI area. Our son, has gone there for 2 months and this is the best school we have found. We highly recommend it.

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