Resource: Covington Latin School (CLS) (Covington, KY)
Website: Covington Latin School (CLS) (Covington, KY)
Description: Covington Latin School offers gifted students an accelerated college-preparatory high school education. It offers a program completely designed to accelerate the development of younger students. Students enter the Latin School after completing the sixth or seventh grade, thus beginning their high school education one to two years earlier than a traditional high school program. Covington Latin School is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 5/22/2009
In my opinion, this school is for children who excel academically on their own with little support as it is a sink-or-swim environment. From our experience, the teachers do not have experience dealing with children who are gifted. The education standards are high, but the support is not.

Contributed by: Student on 12/27/2007
I graduated from CLS in 1977. It was modeled after the Boston Latin School which has received so much acclaim in the recent school evaluations. College wasn't even close to a challenge after Latin School. In fact, it was boring. There is not another school in Greater Cincinnati that compares to CLS. Not even Xavier.

Contributed by: Student on 11/30/2005
I graduated almost 10 years ago from CLS and even though I have my masters degree, I still feel I learned more in high school than in all my years of college. And it was cool to be smart as well.

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