Resource: The Rubicon Academy (The Woodlands, TX)
Website: The Rubicon Academy (The Woodlands, TX)
Description: This private, nonsectarian academy serves gifted and talented students, pre-K through 8th grade, in the north metro Houston, Texas area. In groups of two to 12 students, each student receives instruction tailored to his/her particular needs. In addition, students have the opportunity to travel to museums, art galleries and work places in order to enhance classroom learning.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 10/3/2013
With the creation of the Rubicon Academy, the director is able to serve gifted and talented students whose ages range from 2 to 15 years old. The defining characteristics of the school are academic excellence, leadership and character development, and emphasis on the fine arts. The Rubicon Academy's director provides exemplary instructional leadership to the school culture which honors learning. The Academy promotes quality instruction by fostering an academic learning climate and actively supporting teaching and learning.

Contributed by: Parent on 10/2/2013
The school leaders and staff personalize and individualize the learning experience for each student which allows students to progress as far as they are able without age or grade level boundaries. The school has revisited their mission to reflect their use of a personalized curriculum to promote students to progress as far as they are able without age or grade level boundaries. E.D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge Sequence is the basis of the school's innovative individualized curriculum. The school culture reflects the dedication of work in the best interest of students' academic well-being with individualized instruction.

Contributed by: Parent on 9/29/2013
The support staff members are experts in their respective fields of study and expose students to a wealth of real world experiences. Each member of the school's support staff adds significant value to the school's vision and commitment to providing a challenging and enjoyable learning experience to its students by merging real-world experiences into the school's dynamic curriculum. In addition to working at the Rubicon Academy, the art teacher works with the Woodlands Art League and the Woodland Waterway Art Festival. In like manner, Rubicon's Robotics teacher is a part-time Robotics teacher at the University of Houston. The Spanish teacher also teaches at Lone Star College, and the math teacher/tutor is a retired public school teacher and curriculum writer.

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