Resource: Kemps Landing/Old Donation School (Virginia Beach, VA)
Website: Kemps Landing/Old Donation School (Virginia Beach, VA)
Description: This is a centralized, full-time, gifted school designed to house students in grades two through five. Parents of children interested in attending this school must complete an application. All applicants are assessed in terms of determining the best educational environment to suit his or her academic needs.

Comments: Contributed by: Parent on 4/5/2014
ODC differentiates for my child quite well and considers his needs for sure. Each child is watched closely to see what works best for him or her and the file is kept so that future teachers know what works for each child. My child is not stressed out. He loves learning and they foster that quite well. They also do a good job of explaining to kids that every child there has a different gift to prevent competition and foster a learning community. It is difficult to get accepted there, but there are clusters at the schools to supplement. Frankly I think the cluster should be visited far more often with the gifted teacher than two hours a week.

Contributed by: Parent on 10/11/2013
I am confused by the other comment left on this site. My daughter has attended ODC for three years. It is an excellent school. My daughter is not "stressed out", and I have not noticed her classmates acting "stressed out". My daughter's teachers have been consistently excellent and I have not experienced any cookie cutter "all gifted kids are the same" mentality. In fact my experience has been quite the opposite. The have worked very hard to work with the many different issues that can often accompany giftedness. They do not take more field trips, in fact last year she went on one. I'm not sure what school the other commenter is describing but is it not reflective of my experience of ODC. I am grateful for ODC and the excellent education and nurturing of talent they have given my child... She is thriving and happy there.

Contributed by: Parent on 12/15/2010
The ODC curriculum is the same as the Virginia Beach district. Each teacher supplements and goes into more depth for each subject. A lot of truly gifted children are being left out of ODC because the district-wide tests are group tests which do not identify why children answer in a certain way. There are not individual testers asking your child "Why did you answer that way?" Also gifted children tend to get distracted in a group test settings. There are few if any IQ scores over the 150's. The children there seem stressed out. They get more work as a consequence of being bright. Generally, they don't have much homework because they work at a faster pace than average children. They do have more field trips and a couple more hands-on projects but they don't diffentiate and each gifted child is like all of the others. If your child is academically oriented and thrives in a traditional classroom, then this is the place for them.

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